about me

The pleasure of putting things next to each other.

And watching.

I’m an artist based in Stuttgart, Germany. Mainly, I work with photographic means, complemented by sculptures and language.

I marvel at nature. I want to show what I cannot grasp. Beauty as the ultimate acceptance of transience.

Blossoming. Being vulnerable. Passing away.

Sometimes I destroy things. Porcelain. Crystal. To let something new emerge.



 born in Stuttgart

1985 Studio Wolfgang Klein, Hamburg

1986 freelance press photographer for newspapers

         founding member of agency BLICKWINKEL DESIGN

1987 opening studio for photography, Stuttgart, with Niels Schubert

          contracts for advertising agencies and publishers

           first exibition participations

1994 first solo exhibition Galerie Nieser, Stuttgart

1995 founding member of SALON ZIRKEL

2001 founding member of the label ZUBROT with Angelika Hartmann and Simone Horlacher

           exhibition projects, trade fair participations and publications

2005 founding member of the art-project WAHLVERWANDT with Angelika Hartmann

            various exhibition projects

2011 founding member of the duo ERundSIE with Roman Mares

           book and editions, exhibition

2018 TO MY OWN AMAZEMENT book and edition

2020 project GUSTAV UND ELISABETH book and edition

2020 member of DGPh

2023 Residency of Art | Casa Tragumerche, La Gomera


solo and participation (excerpt)

2001 Galerie Norbert Nieser, Stuttgart, solo exhibition 

2009 Schaugenau, Stuttgart, group exhibition

2010 inside_outside, Stuttgart, group exhibition

2014 Barber’s Art, Pforzheim, solo exhibition

2014 Prolab Art after Work, Stuttgart, solo exhibition | Nichts bleibt mein Herz. Und alles ist von Dauer.

2015 forum single, Frickenhausen, solo exhibition | Leidenschaft

2017 Klub Krakau, Schacher Raum für Kunst, Stuttgart mit Roman Mares | erundsie

2017 Galerie im Druckhaus, Waiblingen, group exhibition | Entdeckungen 4

2017 Norbert Nieser solo exhibtion | Schönheit lauert überall 

2018 Galerie Dornhalde, Stuttgart,  mit Constanze Reinhardt und Uwe Bareither | Playground

2018 Tankturm&Betriebswerk, Heidelberg, solo exhibition | Der alte Garten

2019 Eckhaus.Galerie.Design. Stuttgart, solo exhibition | Stilles Leben

2019 Tankturm&Betriebswerk, Heidelberg group exhibition | Sammlung

2019 Kunstwerk, Fellbach solo exhibition | Fotografien

2019 Kunstraum Weidachtal group exhibition | die vier Elemente

2020 Uno Art Space – Ute Noll, Stuttgart solo exhibition | Vor aller Augen

2020 VogelArt, München, group exhibition | Curated Colors

2021 Uno Art Space – Ute Noll, Stuttgart, with Laila Schubert | Intermezzo

2021 Uno Art Space – Ute Noll, Stuttgart with Corina Gertz | Voneinander

2022 Palmer Galerienhaus Stuttgart | erso, er so Roman Mares, Sasa Zivkovic – curated by Anne Schubert

2023 Biennale Le Latidtudini dell‘ Arte | Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin




Sammlung Trumpf

Sammlung LBBW

Graphothek Stuttgart

swiss private collection

Kunstverein Stuttgart

Galerie Uno Art Space

Galerie Artbox

Sammlung Tankturm, Heidelberg

various private collections


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